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Littlejohn’s investment platform is built on three integrated core strategies; private equity, capital solutions and opportunistic credit. These strategies employ the same disciplined investment philosophy, and seek to capitalize on related synergies at all points in the economic cycle. This approach is particularly powerful in the middle market.
Private Equity

Littlejohn invests transformational capital in companies undergoing change. We partner with management to grow their businesses, improve operational performance and build winning teams. The Firm seeks to:

  • Manage investments with a long-term perspective, regardless of the hold period
  • Capitalize on industry expertise to drive change
  • Provide support to our management teams consistent with their value creation plans
  • Capital Solutions

    Littlejohn seeks to provide creative solutions to companies seeking to solve liquidity issues, finance acquisitions and growth projects, or refinance existing lenders. Littlejohn brings creativity and expertise to solving the capital needs of middle market companies. These investments:

  • Typically provide a more attractive entry point than current comparable company equity and usually afford some downside protection
  • Often take the form of preferred equity; convertible debt, participating or redeeming structures
  • May include corporate and governance rights including boards seats, cash/PIK dividends, distribution/liquidation preferences and negative covenants, to name a few
  • Opportunistic Credit

    We invest across the capital structure in middle market companies that are underperforming their potential, could be stressed/distressed and may or may not require a restructuring, situations that are misunderstood by the market or have a near term event as well as other opportunistic private investments sourced by the Littlejohn team. This strategy:

  • Invests across the capital structure in primary and secondary transactions
  • Capitalizes on the integrated nature of the private equity and opportunistic credit teams to source deals and provide solutions to companies seeking capital
  • Can invest in a minority or control equity position
  • Will take advantage of market dislocations